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Fantastic Advocate

I could not be any more pleased having hired Mr Jeremy Wang.
I consulted 3 different attorneys for my criminal traffic case. Two I used previously – and then Mr Wang on a friends recommendation. Similar to past experiences they all talk a big game. Once court starts they all want to plead you out.

My experience with Mr Wang was refreshingly different.
Upon consultation he explained to me he believed we had a very strong case – worthy of contesting. He explained the complete process, including his reasonable fee structure. I was very nervous to take a case to trial, considering a plea deal would be easy and cheap. However Mr Wang’s vast knowledge of the law, his experience in these matters, and his explanation of the complete process won me over and i decided to hire him on the spot.

Once my Court date arrived Mr Wang was the ultimate in courtesy and professionalism.
I was amazed at the respect given to him inside the courthouse by other attorneys, officers of the court, the Judge and even the local prosecutor. Apparently Mr Wang is very busy in the local courthouse and has earned the respect of his colleagues. When i saw his commanding presence in the court room and the respect given by the Judge and Prosecutor, I started to feel real good about the potential outcome of my case.

My court experience happened exactly as Mr Wang predicted. We went to trial, (where i won!) and my case was fully dismissed.
I’m very pleased with the results and my decision to hire Mr J.Wang. I would not hesitate to refer him to my friends and family. I would hire him again if I’m ever in need of legal representation. His fees are reasonable and he’s worth every penny. I’m glad i finally found a ‘go-to’ lawyer who can deliver!

- (5 star review)

Assisted on a third party complaint

Jeff assisted me on a complicated third party complaint that I was able to win simply on his draft. Jeff Is a terrific attorney that I would recommend to anyone. Jim A

- (5 star review)

Weight (and case) lifted off my shoulders!!!!

After getting arrested by your typical inner city cops( no rights read, no probable cause, lying under oath brutes) and thrown in Cook County (hell on earth), for a week to raise my bond money, even when i got out I was scared and didn’t know what to do. I I knew that going with the public defender would me and me taking a felony charge (my first) after talking to Jeff I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!I felt better than when I left the jailhouse. I finally felt like there was a chance. And lo and behold my court case was dismissed on the preliminary hearing due to the work and knowledge of Jeff. I have had many lawyers in the past, even my dad is a lawyer, and I can say that Jeff is a spectacular attorney and I would recommend him, with his consent of course, to any of my close friends or family who need help, with any law problems really. He goes in to cases to win, and if he doesn’t think he’ll win, and he is all about WINNING!

- (5 star review)

The best lawyer in town!

I was involved in a dispute that threatened my career and my ability to continue my higher education. I hired Jeff to resolve the matter after receiving positive feedback about him from a friend. I could not be happier with my choice.

As this matter was of high importance, I engaged a number of attorneys, prior to hiring Mr. Jacobs. During my research with the other attorneys, I was led to believe that the arbitration process could take quite a while to resolve. I was also led to believe that the outcome may not have been everything that I expected. As it turned out, hiring the right lawyer made all the difference.

Prior to the 1st meeting, Jeff took the time to inform me of the outcomes that I could realistically expect. Jeff arrived at the meeting with the knowledge, confidence, and expertise that was required. After Jeff argued my case, I was offered more than I asked for, because the opposing party’s attorney advised their client that doing so would benefit them. My arbitration was successfully completed during the 1st meeting!

When I went to pick up the final paperwork from the opposing party’s attorney, he spoke highly of Jeff’s skills and told me that I was lucky to have him.

Thank you Jeff!

- (5 star review)


I had received my second ticket for DUI within 45 days when Mr. Jacobs took on my case, which was eventually dismissed thanks to Mr. Jacobs time, effort, and research on my case. He was clearly very knowledgeable of the legalities of my situation. This was proven throughout my case by the thorough review he performed on my police report. It clearly indicted that Mr. Jacobs had read through the report noting responses and profound word choices by the officer who wrote the report. Mr. Jacobs reviewed with me the report and his questions to the arresting officer before we went in the court room, each court date. He was patient and consistent with me on my concerns and questions regarding my case. If ever I was in need of a defense attorney for this or another circumstance, I would first go to Jeffery Jacobs with my case.

- (5 star review)

Foreclosure Intervention

My sister was a day away from being homeless. Out of desperation, we contacted Attorney Jacobs for help. We explained her situation in detail and the following day he appeared at the foreclosure proceeding. Pleading her case the Judge, he was able to stop the process, allowing more time for her to find and procure housing. Attorney Jacobs was not only knowledgeable, professional and receptive, but we felt he truly cared.

- (5 star review)

Simply the best.

Jeff was simply amazing. Kept me in the loop with everything before my court date. While at court he was a true professional. His confidence and knowledge could be seen by everyone.

- (5 star review)

Knowledgeable and Honest

Mr. Jacobs worked on two cases for me. In both situations he kept me totally informed and his presentation of the facts and his research were explained to me in laymen’s terms. I had strong confidence in his ability to represent my interests in both cases, and I was not disappointed. He demonstrated honesty, integrity and compassion to me and the others involved in the cases. I would have absolutely no hesitation in giving Mr. Jacobs a strong recommendation. If he does not believe he can do the best job for you, he will tell you that and refer you elsewhere. He will not just take your money and not care if he can give a strong presentation of your case. He cares about his clients and wants to give his best to every case. I appreciate the opportunity to share this review with anyone who reads it.

- (5 star review)

Don’t go into court alone to be deprived of your rights. I recommend hiring Jeff Jacobs 100%.

I recently hired Jeff Jacobs to represent me in a courtroom where I felt I was treated wrongly. A public defender was appointed but never stood with me or spoke for me. I was not allowed to speak either. After hiring Jeff the judge and social services worker showed me some respect. It felt good to take care of my case and show I was doing all that was necessary to move forward in the case and with my life. I truly believe Jeff does all he can for his clients. He will keep you informed on anything pertaining to your case, and he will tell it like it is.

- (5 star review)

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