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On an annual basis, there are more than 200,000 accidents on Illinois roadways. Victims of automobile, truck or motorcycle accidents often face serious injuries which involve hospitalization, rehabilitation and in some cases, life-long pain.  If you are one of the victims of an accident caused by someone’s negligence, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries.

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One of the requirements necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit is determining who is at fault for the accident. In some cases, it may be relatively simple; for example a drunk driver who runs a red light and hits your car is probably entirely at fault for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. However in some cases, this may not be so cut and dried.   This is important because Illinois personal injury laws include a comparative fault clause meaning you may be partially responsible. Here are some instances:

  • Auto Accident – If you are involved in an automobile accident and someone rear-ended you because you stopped short, the court may find you are partially responsible for the accident. In this case, you may be assigned a portion of the responsibility such as 10 percent. In this case, if your final award was $100,000 you would only recover $90,000 because you were found to be partially responsible for the accident.
  • Truck Accident – Truck accidents are often more serious than an accident involving two automobiles because of the size of the vehicle. To make them even more complex, there may be more than just the driver at fault. For instance, faulty maintenance which results in an accident could be the fault of the company who owns the truck.  A sleepy driver who causes an accident could be at fault but their employers may also be at fault for not enforcing federal guidelines for rest periods.
  • Motorcycle accidents – Typically a motorcycle accident victim has more serious injuries than a car accident victim because they have less protection from the force of an accident. In some cases, the motorcycle operator may be partially at fault for the accident or there may be a defect in the motorcycle that caused the accident which could be the fault of the manufacturer.

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Personal injury cases are never easy and we understand that no amount of money will help you recover from the pain you endured during an accident. However, at Jacobs & Wang, LLC we are committed to fighting to protect your rights after an accident and making sure you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 630-712-9264 to make sure you do not exceed the two-year Illinois statute of limitations on filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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